There was a time.

My husband and my stepson and I are movie buffs. You can’t be around us for more than 3 minutes and one of us will have rattled off some random quote. It doesn’t help that we haven’t had cable TV in almost 15 years and all we watch is movies… or that we lived and worked together for 5 years… on a boat…

So I’m starting this blogging thing (who came up with the word “blog” anyway?) with a movie quote – there was a time.

You might look at any one person and wonder, where have they been? What have they seen? What does or did their life look like? If you asked those questions about me or my husband or my stepson, you’d hear endless stories of crazy clientele and their astounding wealth and therefore lifestyle; a boat that truly enjoyed being broken and trying to sink; and our efforts in trying not to go completely insane in the process.

My husband and I recently sold the boat that carried us around the Caribbean to settle stateside near family. This is the story of our journey.


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