60 days ago I owned nothing. Absolutely nothing. My husband and I had lived on the water together for 8 years, and we owned nothing more than clothing, trade-specific gear, and random nicknacks from all over the world. I mean, when you live in 100 square feet for almost a decade (almost two decades for my husband), how COULD we own anything, right?


Pffffffff. Just kidding. I have no idea how it happened, but we have STUFF. Like, lots of STUFF. More STUFF than I even knew I had.

WHERE DID WE GET ALL THIS STUFF? I keep asking myself this, because – truly – I feel like it all came out of nowhere.


I don’t think I’ll be feeding my goats in my tall suede leather boots or MY PROM DRESS FROM 2002. Seriously.


I’m just glad it still fits. Silver lining!


One thought on “Stuff

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