25 Mile Country Drive

Not everybody would want to live near their mother and father – believe me, after experiencing hundreds of families on our charter yacht, I could see why one might want some serious distance. I understand that family can be hard. But mine just isn’t. I am blessed with parents (and a brother) that I love dearly and that love me unconditionally, and that I want to see often.

Which is how I found myself here, in the country, in the first place.

When my husband and I sold our sailing catamaran in the British Virgin Islands, we were just getting into the height of the season and we were booked solid. And therefore extremely exhausted. We knew we would want nothing more than to simply breathe and sleep and heal (mentally and physically) once we finally rid ourselves of the floating nightmare that had haunted us for the previous five years.

Ok, it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was hard and it was long and we were DONE.

A couple years ago my mom and dad bought a second home that they have worked to “fix up,” and they intend to retire there someday. My husband, being the future-minded thinker he is, decided a long time ago that he wanted to be close to them so we could take care of them when they get older and need help – not to mention enjoying them until that time comes.

After being thousands of miles away from home for almost 10 years, it is such a treat – almost bizarre – to know I can get in my car (I HAVE A CAR WHAAAAAT??) and drive 25 miles through beautiful countryside to hug my mom and my dad. Wow. That still shocks me.


2 thoughts on “25 Mile Country Drive

  1. Haha. Been there done the floating nightmare part. One time Bazza and I never talked to each other ONCE in 4 months once we left the guest areas on charter. We were that pissed and done with each other.

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