Puppy Love

Our dog, Sydney, is nothing that we expected. Don’t mistake that for a complaint – she’s one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever known. Yes – she wants to chew on EVERYTHING (the teeth that are popping through her gums is INTENSE), jump up on everyone (including small children who are her size or smaller), and sleep in the bed on top of the blankets (despite being 40lbs and flipping huge, and also, that’s totally not allowed). But she is affectionate, smart, loyal, playful, and wildly brave – everything you want in a dog.

When I was searching for puppies, we wanted a German Shepherd, which she supposedly was. Take her to the vet the first time – she’s not a German Shepherd! She’s clearly a Belgian Malinois! I actually felt like that was an upgrade, as Belgian Malinois are known as soldiers, the first choice of dog for the Secret Security. Did I really care that she would be able to run at 25mph, or that her jaws would exert 200lbs of force? Definitely not, but I liked the intelligence factor and the formidable aura she would project. Basically, the potential for “I have teeth. Approach with caution.”

Next, we also learned at her first vet visit that she was not in fact 16 weeks. There was no way – she still hadn’t even grown in some of her baby teeth. The veterinarian believed she was actually 8-10 weeks – a full month-and-a-half to two months younger than expected. I had already potty trained her and taught her to sit, speak, stay, shake, and wait for permission to start eating her food. I was impressed. And also slightly terrified. She was 21lbs at 8-10 weeks, and growing FAST. How big was she going to get?

My family has bets on her final weight. I say 65lbs.; My husband says 55lbs.; my dad says 90lbs. Oh, boy…

And then… she stole our hearts. We expected that, I’m sure you can imagine. But the depth of love I have for her; the joy I experience when my husband swoops her up and cuddles her…

I am a happy, proud dog mom.


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