Beds & Heads

There is a phenomenon on boats called “Beds & Heads.” Basically, it’s room service, or on boats, cabin service.

Every boat is different, so the person who actually does B&H varies from boat to boat. On bigger charter yachts, there is usually a designated Stewardess (yes, in the yachting industry, we still call them Stewardesses or “Stew” for short). On some boats, the chef would temporarily put on her Stewardess hat and do the job.

It’s exactly what you imagine – make the bed; fluff the pillows; sweep the floor; clean the toilet/head; polish the mirror; empty the trash; restock necessary items. Mid week, most boats even do a complete sheet change, and, of course, at the end of the week the cabin is completely cleaned and reset for the next guests.

When we were really busy on our boat (which was about half the season, 3-4 months), my husband (also my Captain) relieved me of this job by hiring a Stewardess/Deckhand. In 2 years time, we went through 8 of them – that’s another story. But when they were gone, the job automatically defaulted to me.

My most productive time of day as the yacht’s chef was morning – exactly when B&H needed tending. Every morning I served breakfast and prepped the entire menu for the day, all the way from lunch to cocktail hour to dinner to dessert. Once I was on a roll, I haaaaated being interrupted for anything, let alone to go make the most difficult beds EVER and fold little hotelesque jobbies on fresh toilet paper. My boys (husband and stepson) helped me when they could, but some times there just weren’t enough hands.

Confession: I used to bribe my husband and stepson with cookies and foot massages to get them to do it. Are you understanding the words that are coming off of my fingertips? I did not like doing beds and heads. It wasn’t the job itself (although, we’ve seen some very interesting things over the years). It was the interruption.

Having goats on our property has been such a breeze – absolutely no trouble at all (after my husband and stepson built the Doemicile, of course), and even a pleasure. I hang out in their field several times a day, bring them sweet feed, stale bread, spinach, carrots, Lucky Charms… yes, they like that magically delicious cereal… Slowly but surely, my Flower Girls have gotten used to me and let me pet them, especially while they eat.

But yesterday, as I checked on them in their Doemicile, I realized that it was time – for Goat Beds & Heads. I raked out all the old straw; I spread out new straw; I checked the structure for spiderwebs and other potential pesky punks; and then I hauled away the straw and put it in the burn barrel. Easy Peasy.

When they discovered their fresh facilities, they were mee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ing in gratitude, I’m sure of it.

18835471_10100538458681724_1818403074_nI’m still not quite sure which process I prefer. At least the boat had air conditioning. But darn if my girls aren’t cute.

Rosie From Boats To Goats.

Hi, Rosie.


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