Yes, I Named My Chickens

Hello, world. Meet my chickens.

Big Red 2 From Boats To Goats

This is Big Red; she’s a 9-month-old Road Island Red hen. She’s pretty shy, but she’s a good (egg) layer.

Big Red From Boats To Goats

Also, she looooves bread.

Tootsie From Boats To Goats

This is Tootsie. She’s the youngest at 4 months, and she’s also a Road Island Red hen. She hasn’t yet laid any eggs, but she should in a few months.

Mabel From Boats To Goats

Next, meet Mabel. She is a Buff Orpington, and she’s very friendly and curious. She’s about 6 months old and has laid a few times.

Gertrude From Boats To Goats

Lastly, meet Gertrude (The Prude). She refuses to let me photograph her properly just yet, but she is HUGE and the oldest hen. She’s a year-old Buff Orpington, lighter in color than Mabel.

From Boats To Goats The Chickens

From Boats To Goats Coop D Ville

Hello, ladies! Your human mom might be a little crazy with this mini-farm, but you are four VERY loved and VERY spoiled chickens.


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