You’ve Got Time

My husband loves me a lot, and that’s saying a lot, because I’m a lot to handle (if you haven’t noticed already with my sarcasm and overly-dramatic view of the world).

When we lived on the ocean, we didn’t have any cable TV, but relied on movies and the occasional TV series on DVD that we could trade for from other crew. One time, when we were off charter for a week, I made my husband watch the entire LOST series, straight through. Add to my charming personality list: obsessive.

So now we have a house on land – do we sign up for cable TV? Heck no. It would be wasted on us – we work all day, and then maybe watch a movie at night. Maybe, if we aren’t reading or writing or having a good, old fashioned conversation.

When we first moved in, my numero uno priority was internet. I do everything business-wise through the great world wide web, and plus there’s Spotify and WhatsApp. Gotta stay connected.

Here’s a great formula I came up with:

High Speed WiFi Internet + BlueTooth TV = netflix

Netflix is a game-changer, people. I used Netflix back in the day when you chose a movie and received it by snailmail. Even then it was amazeballs. Here we had been collecting thousands of movies for years and years and even brought them home from the islands – and now they are all at the tip of our fingertips, ready and available to watch ANY TIME.

Thanks to suggestions from past clients and also Netflix itself (how does it know what I might like – we’ve never even met!), I discovered Orange Is The New Black. And now I’m absolutely obsessed. I look forward to starting a new episode after a long day of work, and I have a hard time not letting it roll into another episode… And another…

Thankfully, the audio didn’t capture the full volume of my singing to Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time,” the opening song to my latest addiction.

I told you – my husband loves me a lot.


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