I am the Goat Lady. Goo Goo G’Joob.

I’m a Capricorn. I’m not the type to check my daily readings – “Today is your day for love – make sure to wear red!” – but personality-wise, I am a Capricorn through-and-through:

  • My Strengths: Responsible (yes, ma’am), disciplined (to a fault), self-control (except when it comes to ice cream), good managers (reads: Ms. Bossypants)
  • My Weaknesses: Know-it-all (duh), unforgiving (definitely), condescending (pfffffff me?), expecting the worst (the worst of the worst, if possible)
  • Capricorn likes: Family, tradition, music, understated status, quality craftsmanship
  • Capricorn dislikes: Almost everything at some point
  • Symbol: The Goat

That last one about the dislikes – that’s just heckin funny. And uncannily true. Because, yeah. That’s me. I’m a rollercoaster – high highs and low lows and a whole bunch of screaming and gut wrenching wind-in-your-face adventure in the middle.

I promise I don’t have a personality disorder. I’m just eccentric.

When we first got Sydney, my brother asked me who she was favoring personality-wise: my husband or me? She was too young at the time to answer properly (I initially said my husband, and I think I’m still right), but more than anything, I thought it was an interesting question that I had never considered. I know animals have unique personalities (even the tropical ocean fish), but can they be shaped by their “master?”

I think so, yes. But there are certain traits, just like in humans, that are innate. Sydney, for example, is a high energy gal who wants to be the center of attention. She has also loved the water since she was little, even before we adopted her. Her Foster mom “warned” us as we were taking her home, “She likes to dance in her water.” No idea what that meant at the time, but we soon learned that Sydney thoroughly enjoyed putting both her paws in her water dish and enthusiastically tap dancing to the beat of her own drum. Which must have been set to a fast tempo, considering the amount of water not in her bowl.

Today, Sydney jumps with great gusto into any body of water in front of her. The girl likes to swim and does so fearlessly.

I’ve heard people say, “OH MY GAAAAWD _______________ IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!” Maybe not the OMG part, but still. It’s usually something ridiculous like a sloth or a unicorn. I have never uttered these words. First of all, sloths are such an easy pick – how hard is it to be completely lazy and do nothing all day? And unicorns AREN’T REAL (I’m a know-it-all, remember).

When we were picking out our goats, I imagined my mini-farm would look exactly like this:


And this:



I wanted baby goats and I wanted them to hop and skip and jump and call me “Ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a.” My husband thought maybe we should get just one that was a little older, to kind of teach the goats how to… goat? He’s a smart guy, so I asked him to pick out an older doe. He picked Rosie. He didn’t know why, but he said she was the one.


At first my goats wanted nothing to do with us. They were in a new environment and even had a hard time understanding at first that their Doemicile was their home. We actually had to herd them to their shelter more than once in the beginning. It was as if they forgot where and what it was. Rosie especially was standoffish, and being the oldest, the other goats therefore followed suit.

But then they started warming up to us. I remember the first time Rosie ate from my hand; the first time she let me pet her; and the first time she came running when she heard me call to her. I almost cried, I was so happy to be loved by my goats. Granted – I greased the proverbial wheel with sweet feed and Lucky Charms. But I was a happy girl.

The more time I spent with them in the field, the more I started noticing Rosie’s personality especially. She bosses around the other goats and they know not to mess with her. She loves attention (and a good scratch) but only when she wants it. She HATES getting her hooves wet. She has no self-control when it comes to treats – she will eat herself silly. But if you offer her fresh leaves, she’ll choose those over the candy stuff. If the other goats try and take her treats, she will run them off and she will not let them forget that she is the boss. She is the oldest of all the goats and the others naturally follow her lead. She was the first one to try all the new things – the Doemicile; the see-saw; the tractor tire; the igloo. She is a fearless, vibrant trailblazer that is simultaneously sweet and don’t take no guff from nobody.

People: This is me. I am the eldest. I am bossy. I am picky. I am headstrong and fearless. I want to eat all the sweets but also all the greens. Rosie is my spirit animal. I’ve never felt this way before and it surprised me when I realized it. I’m a Capricorn – a hard-headed, know-it-all, eccentric goat figure.

The universe spoke to my husband when he chose Rosie. I’m just thankful he listened.


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