I’m Somebody Now!

When I applied for graduate school, I filled out applications for at least 6 different schools. Every institution required similar and also different entrance criteria – transcripts, an admission essay, an interview, personality tests, and of course, the application itself.

I didn’t choose 6 different potential school entirely because I wanted to attend them all. They were great schools and, yeah, I wanted options, but I was pretty confident I would get accepted into at least 3 of them. No, I filled out extra applications because… I like to fill out applications.

There is something so satisfying about filling out a form. They’re asking you all these questions about yourself – your name, your address, your phone number, your email address – and, I don’t know, it almost feels like an accomplishment to have something to write in those lines. Not only that, but they care enough to ask these details about your life. They want to know about you.

Yes, I’m aware that sounds crazy, and no, I’m not starved for attention. I have always felt this way about questionnaire type things. I always wanted to fill out my own forms at the doctors, and I even asked to fill out other peoples’ forms. It just feels so goooooood. My husband gladly relinquishes this task to me, and also thinks I’m weird. Show me a Facebook quiz thingy, you know – “what’s your favorite color?” “how many tattoos do you have?” “what’s your spirit animal?” – and I’m in heaven, entertained and occupied for days.

“Purple,” “tons,” and “Rosie the goat” – thanks for asking!

It’s addicting.

Basically, this is how I feel:

“This is the kind of spontaneous publicity – your name in print – that makes people.



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