Essential Oils Anonymous

I’m in the oil business.


No, not that kind of oil. Unfortunately. Because then I wouldn’t be peddling my words to you here on this blog thing.

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. Basically, they’re an incredible essential oil company that produces chemically pure, indigenously sourced products, and empowers the people who are selling for and with them.

Ok, enough of that – their stuff is goooooood. Like, spend every penny of your paycheck good. Smells are ridiculously sensitive for me, and I was hooked from the first drop.

When my husband and I first bought our house, we struggled big time with the smells in our new home. The previous owners had something like 6 cats and 4 huge dogs all living in this smallish space, and the cats peed and marked EVERYWHERE. And the owners never cleaned. Like, there were straight up cat-marking/peeing stains on the walls and baseboards and floors from who knows when… The smell was absolutely out of control; I’ve never experienced anything like it in my whole life. There was a point when I had cleaned the same flippin door frame (yes, the felines marked the door frames) at least 3 times and I just wanted to cry. I was sure my house would forever smell like a Litter Box.

My mom came to the rescue – not the first time, I assure you. She bought us a housewarming gift. She bought us a doTERRA Essential Oils starter kit and a diffuser.


I was so. so. stinkin. excited.

doTERRA means “The Gift of the Earth,” and that’s what her gift was to me. The awesome elements of the Earth would heal my home. I used Lemon and Wild Orange and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) on every inch of my house, ceiling to floor. And guess what – the smells are GONE.


I go to a yoga class on Thursdays. It’s a free class at the library in town, and I have been bringing my diffuser since the beginning. Except last night. I brought the oils; I brought the plug in cord; I brought the water… But I forgot the actual diffuser. I was so mad at myself. I’m not usually forgetful, and I’m definitely not forgiving – even to myself. BAD SELF.

I sat on my mat, waiting for class to begin (still bummed). Two people asked me where the diffuser was. I explained and apologized, they teased that it just wouldn’t be the same. Ha ha ha, yeah, well, I’M A BIG NUMPTY.

Halfway through class, I had this overwhelming feeling of thirst, or something like it. I can’t explain it. I was slammed with a craving for something intangible – and then it hit me. The oils. I was CRAVING the oils, as in, the olfactory experience of breathing them in and letting them wash over my brain. It surprised me. Kind of.

Two more people asked me after class where my diffuser was (I KNOW I’M SORRY LEAVE ME ALONE). I ran to my car and put a few drops of my favorite blend in my hands and inhaled niiiiiice and deep.

Hi, my name is ___________, and I’m addicted to oils.


2 thoughts on “Essential Oils Anonymous

  1. Do you remember, back 12 years ago… (12, really????) you used Aveda shampoo and I stole some (of course, because what roommate doesn’t try out the expensive shampoo in her shower). I HATED the smell. It was too earthy, and I grew up in a fruity or floral home. You’ve always been sensitive to “essential oils,” or at least the natural smells, before it was ever a thing. By the way, I love the natural smells now too!


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