New Instructor, New Students, Not-so-New Self Doubt

I'm not a yoga teacher. I'd like to be one, but I won't pretend doing yoga (on and off in the beginning) for 13 years means I'm a teacher by any means. I understand fully that practicing and teaching are two entirely different things, no matter what you're talking about. I've practiced with dozens of … Continue reading New Instructor, New Students, Not-so-New Self Doubt


Every Obstacle is an Opportunity

I absolutely love my goats. I knew I'd like having goats - what's not to like? They're hilariously curious creatures; innocently ornery. But I never expected to love them. Like, "where have they been all my life" kind of happiness. They have turned out to be one of the most personally rewarding animals I've ever kept … Continue reading Every Obstacle is an Opportunity