Time Flies When You’re in Adho Mukha Svanasana

What a world of a difference a few weeks can make. From my last post to this one, my life looks just a little different.

I’ve been a bit upside down lately. Literally. And in a good way.

Just a few months back I was able to accomplish a dream of mine: I completed a Yoga Teacher Training program and earned my RYT-200, or Registered Yoga Teacher with a 200 hour training course.

It was a huge challenge. It was more fun than I could have imagined. My brain was full, and my body was sore, and my heart was bursting with joy and self-realization. I shed quite a few tears as I learned more about myself, and the world around us. I gained so many new friends – in my teacher and the teachers at the studio where I learned. Overall it was overwhelmingly rewarding and enlightening – and even though the knowledge and its application felt immense at times, it made me lighter.

I started teaching yoga right away at the studio where I learned. I have no idea why my teacher hired me, or why she even thought I could teach – at all – seriously. During one of the training modules, there was a moment where I had an out of body experience and forgot absolutely everything – in the middle of teaching a yoga class. It was as if someone dropped my conscious mind into a body –  the body of a supposed yoga instructor with a group of student, who were all currently ass-up in a forward fold – and I had to just continue on with absolutely no direction, no idea of what I had already done or what I was supposed to do next. It was completely terrifying (which is funny because, really, yoga is far from brain surgery or being chased by a bear – both of which would actually qualify for the whole fear thing).

Upside down, red-faced and hair flopping all around, I looked at my teacher, sitting in the back of the dark yoga room taking notes, and said, “Oh my god. Help. I am so lost. I have no idea what I’m doing right now.” She looked up at me, kind of smiled and laughed lovingly, and said, “You’re doing fine. Keep going.” I continued on and eventually the torture was over. I staved off panicking, but my story will forever be “I lost my way from Uttanasana to Kumbhakasana.” Easy mistake to make.

I practiced again and again, incorporating in ways to help keep me on track (lord help my wandering brain), and tools to help students get to that ultimate place of relaxation by the end of the class. Good news – as far as I know, I don’t suck as a yoga teacher. Who would hate a good, luxurious yoga session; where you’re told over and over how amazing you are, that you can just let go, release, you have nothing to worry about; and then you’re given a cold towel and yummy essential oils to top it all off?? Nobody would hate that. That’s just facts.

Here’s the craziest, coolest, most awesome part about all of it: I’ve never done anything in my life that I love more than teaching yoga. I enjoyed being a chef, and owning a successful charter yacht was very rewarding, but the extreme demands (time-wise, client-wise, human-wise) – let’s just say there was a limit and *DING* our time was up.

Back up – y’all know I love being a wife/stepmom/daughter/sister/friend, and I love being a dog and chicken and goat mom – I’m not throwing all those out with the bathwater. I’m just saying – I get paid to do yoga. Is that even a thing?? But seriously, it’s for real? That’s like getting paid to eat ice cream. Or read a book. I’ll take that job alllll day long.

Ok, who’s thinking what I’m thinking?


Goat yoga. Lilly is keen.



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