She Does Not Like Butts & She Cannot Lie

Everybody has a thing. I'll go ahead and start with one of mine: my teeth. I am seriously disturbed by my teeth being messed with, or even the potential of feeling pain through my teeth. I absolutely ABHOR dentists (especially the ones that charge a lot - insult to injury), and I get overwhelming, nauseating … Continue reading She Does Not Like Butts & She Cannot Lie


You’ve Got Time

My husband loves me a lot, and that's saying a lot, because I'm a lot to handle (if you haven't noticed already with my sarcasm and overly-dramatic view of the world). When we lived on the ocean, we didn't have any cable TV, but relied on movies and the occasional TV series on DVD that … Continue reading You’ve Got Time

Coop D’Ville

My husband (with my intermittent assistance) repurposed a huge and overbuilt dog house for a chicken coop.  Look. How. CUTE. We had originally thought repurposing a coop would be waaaay easier than building one from scratch (get it, SCRATCH, like CHICKEN SCRATCH? Nevermind.) Oh, how naive we were. It took us 2 solid weeks, working … Continue reading Coop D’Ville